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Citizen Feedback Shapes Kitchener’s Four-year Strategic Plan

Citizen feedback shapes Kitchener’s four-year strategic plan

Kitchener – Mayor Berry Vrbanovic was joined today by Compass Kitchener Chair Judith Stephens-Wells and Dan Chapman, the City of Kitchener’s chief administrative officer, at City Hall to officially launch the city’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

The four-year strategic plan was developed through extensive consultation with Kitchener residents, members of council, advisory committees and other key stakeholders. Each group was asked to name the issues that should be the city’s highest priorities, and five recurring themes emerged from the responses. Those themes were refined into five strategic goals: Environmental Leadership, Vibrant Economy, People-Friendly Transportation, Caring Community and Great Customer Service.

“The depth and breadth of consultation we undertook to build this plan really makes it our citizens’ plan. It expresses real, tangible actions that, when complete, will ensure Kitchener continues to thrive as an innovative, caring and vibrant city,” said Kitchener’s chief administrative officer Dan Chapman.

For the first time, Kitchener’s strategic plan also incorporates actions related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals are based on leading global research and the experiences of municipalities across the world, drawn from global efforts to eliminate poverty, combat injustice and preserve our natural resources.

“While this strategic plan clearly focuses on specific actions that will improve and enhance the lives of citizens in the City of Kitchener over the next four years, we must not lose sight of the impact we can have on ensuring a strong, sustainable city for future generations not just in our own community but beyond our borders as well,” said Mayor Vrbanovic. “Further, the connection between many of our own strategic goals and the United Nations SDGs allows us to have an even greater impact as global citizens, contributing to something bigger than ourselves.”

By committing to specific actions with defined deadlines to achieve each goal, the city sees the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan as accountable, with measurable criteria for success.

“Not many cities are comfortable or confident enough to ask a group of citizens to undertake such a central role in the development of their strategic plan,” said Compass Kitchener Chair Judith Stephens-Wells. “It has been an exciting process for myself and the other members of Compass Kitchener.”

The city’s full list of strategic goals and committed actions can be found at the link below

Citizens Shape Strategic Plan


Strategic goals and definitions

•        Environmental Leadership - Promote a healthy and livable community by leading efforts to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, improvements to green infrastructure, and resiliency to climate change.

•        Vibrant Economy - Build a globally competitive and dynamic city by diversifying our economy and making strategic investments to create good jobs, economic prosperity and a vibrant community.

•        People-Friendly Transportation - Transform the City’s transportation network by ensuring that it is safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable for all users regardless of age, ability or economic status.

•        Caring Community - Foster a more inclusive community by partnering with others to make housing more affordable, increase mental health and addiction supports, and better engage and serve the full diversity of our community.

•        Great Customer Service - Increase resident satisfaction, trust and engagement with their municipal


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