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Kitchener Deputy Fire Chief Rob Martin Warns Of Donation Scam

Don't be A Victim Of This Smoke Alarm And Donation Scam

There has been a report of a person or persons calling a resident and claiming to be from Kitchener Fire. The person on the phone asks about fire/smoke alarms, inquiring about the last time the resident had them checked and then offers to schedule a service call for them. The caller also asks the resident to make a donation to Kitchener Fire to help with funding for various services.

We want to remind residents that Kitchener fire is not currently, nor do they ever, make unsolicited calls to residents in order to schedule smoke alarm checks and they do not call to ask for donations. Kitchener Fire’s support to local charities are done through tournaments and their annual boot drive.

Deputy Chief Rob Martin has a Tweet about thedonation scam

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