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Tepperman Family Opens South Kitchener Home Furnishings Super Store With A Difference

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The Tepperman Family Brings Pride, Hope, And A Breath Of Fresh Air Into The Retail Furniture Sector

Welcome To The Third Generation of Unusual Thinking

Kitchener - Windsor, Ontario has been the home to the Tepperman family for three generations. Beginning in 1925, Nathan Tepperman began selling and delivering furniture and appliances to local people. A few years later the great depression struck which began nearly a decade of uncertainty. Things were tough... and then they got even tougher in the devastating era which coined the phrase "Buddy can you spare a dime?".

But Nathan Tepperman saw things differently. True, there was economic devastation, but he saw need, hope, opportunity and the importance of embracing humility. When people were losing, or had already lost everything, Tepperman helped them rebuilt their lives by helping to make the everyday necessities accessible and affordable. He discovered that working with communities and the people in them was the shortest distance to success in uncertain times...for everyone.

Does The World Really Need Another Retail Furniture Store?

So, when Andrew Tepperman posed the question at the ribbon-cutting ceremony this week (sporting a wry smile), "Does the world really need another retail furniture store?"...It brought laughter to the attendees. Mayor Berry Vrbanovic was poised, wielding a giant pair of scissors...there was the count down from 3,2,1...the ribbon was cut...there was applause...and what followed was really remarkable in today's retail space.

There was no corporate limo rushing corporate fact, no corporate anything. The Tepperman family simply invited everyone inside to celebrate the momentous occasion (often one-on-one) and to talk about their plans for the store and the community. The employees, too, (nearly 60 jobs in total) are extraordinarily passionate about the new possibilities of building the Tepperman's family brand in Waterloo Region. And according to COO Masoud Negad, the family brand is what they will always be. Becoming CORPORATE and the schtick that accompanies it, is something the Tepperman's never want to become in any way whatsoever.

So, the answer to Andrew Tepperman's question is a resounding YES. There is always room for any kind of business that puts community, customers and families first.

Brothers Continue The Tradition

Today, the family business is run by Andrew and his brother Noah Tepperman. They took over the reins from their father Bill who is still actively involved in everything they do...after all, it's a family affair. Noah Tepperman joined his brother Andrew in the family business after working with the internationally known William Morris talent and literary agency.

Their History is Their Future

The humble beginnings of Nathan Tepperman and the business lessons he learned along the way about survival in one of the greatest economic downturns in modern history, paved the way for their ongoing business philosophy which is not only alive today, but it has become the very foundation for their success in one of the most competitive retail industries.

The Tepperman family's mantra is this: Help people succeed in the long term and you will establish loyalty and customers for life.

From their community support of non-profits, their child scholarship fund programs and their build-better-credit and in-house financing plans, Tepperman's engages their customers and treats them as though they are family. And this is what sets a family business apart from a mere corporate brand.

There are many corporate brands out there to choose from in retail furniture...but there is only one Tepperman's. When the family name IS the corporate brand it makes for many compelling reasons to deliver on your promises and core values. "They believe in the handshake and they keep their promises," says COO Masoud Negad.

Come Out and See What the Fuss Is About

Tepperman's is now open for business at Huron Road and Fischer-Hallman. They sell quality furniture, appliances, electronics, beds, mattresses, home decor & accessories. The Bargain Annex is an element of their retail store which offers lower prices, great value and quality. The Bargain Annex is not merely ends of lines but Tepperman’s seeks out a wide range of quality products which serve to accommodate customers of every level of income and family budget.

 Come and experience the difference...

Store Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic Cuts ribbon at opening with Tepperman Family

Matriarch, Rochelle Tepperman, showcasing and explaining the family business history at store opening

Andrew and Noah Tepperman Following in Nathan and father Bill's footsteps

Tepperman's New Kitchener Store Location

...AND If you want to Charge your Electric can do that at Tepperman's too:)

Tepperman Management Staff: MIchelle, Linda, Masoud Negad, Susan, Lorretta

Bill and Rochelle Tepperman and their Family

Tepperman's Exclamation Mascot with PR person Ellyn Winters Robinson

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