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Rob Deutschmann Congratulates Karen Redman At Her Home After Regional Chair Win

Rob Deutschmann ... This Is What Politics Is Supposed To Sound Like

If you've ever wondered what a class act in politics sounds like in the face of defeat--this is it:

"I stopped by Karen Redman's home this evening to congratulate her on her win. It was a resounding victory. Beyond doubt, the voters of Waterloo Region showed strong confidence in her ability to lead the Region. I share that confidence. I know the Region is in good hands. I also want to thank all my supporters. I really enjoyed this campaign. It was a lot of work but a most rewarding experience. Thank you!"

WOW! This is what politics is supposed to sound like. Fighting the good, honest fight and accepting the results with class. Rob, your integrity as a candidate and as a human being is only matched by the fact that you're a really tremendous guy. Congratulations on an amazing campaign. Your passion and love for your community has been demonstrated and noted. Your day will come.


After the election results were announced Rob Deutschmann went to Karen Redman's home to congratulate her

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