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The Dawn of Social Entrepreneurship in Waterloo Region

Whenever you read up on the news nowadays, it's bound to be littered by worrying news. The truth is that the world isn't exactly at peaceful times, world tensions are peaking nowadays with the doomsday clock 2 minutes away from midnight. However little, in these times, a ray of light is what we need. Volunteers during times where hurricanes struck the States without mercy, or even social entrepreneurs playing their part. Garston Motors is very glad to proudly say that its business is the latter.

While the community's general perception towards car dealerships is dubious at best, Garston Motors plays its part in changing this prejudice, working along with non-for-profits organizations.

Ever since the business started, it has always operated on a core ethos: Treat people how you'd like to be treated. That's why Garston Motors abide by the Golden Rule, emphasizing on trust, appreciation, honesty and integrity. These are all properties which they believe to be absolutely imperative to run any social business, not just in the car dealing world.

Garston Motors has always prided itself on the fact that it doesn't one-dimensionally run a business, but construct a tightly-knitted community around it. The business is owned and managed by the Lebada brothers Heesh and Andy, where every staff members are either part of the family or valued as a family member.

They realized that running a used cars dealer in Kitchener Waterloo Region isn't all about the profit and revenue. The community is what enabled them to stand on their own feet and give back to the community. In the last three years, they've donated over $120,000 to numerous local and international charities from helping children to providing welfare for the Waterloo Region community.

“We are grateful that we're so incredibly fortunate to not require assistance, but we recognize that to move forward as a whole it's our duty to give a hand to those who need it most. This is exactly why we have an active charity program. Hence, we are delighted for every child that can put on a smile with our diminutive act of selflessness.” – says business owner Andy Lebada

Garston Motors feels that even as a small company, they can play a role in the world. What's more uplifting for them though, is to see that we're not they are not the only one that's giving back. As a matter of fact, there are countless other social enterprises located in Ontario, Canada. Social entrepreneurship is crucial in any community, playing a part in mitigating and tackling social challenges. It promotes economic growth, and it's irreplaceable to advance forward as a whole.
Hopefully this post has brought a bit of light to your day and has inspired you to give back, no matter how small.

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