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Facile Waterloo Region

Phone: (519)501-8714


65 Hanson Ave

Kitchener,  ON  N2C 2H6

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Facile supports people with disabilities to create the life they want, through responsive independent facilitation.

Independent Facilitation means a Facilitator assists a person with a disability in building a life in community.

We look at what is important to a person, help that person make decisions that are right for him/her and assist with person-directed planning. We make sure people have information they need to build a good life in their community including what supports are needed.
We focus on facilitation and person-directed planning. This includes supporting people in self determination, network development and participating and contributing to their communities.

Facilitators assist people and families to navigate services, supports and community resources and allow the person more control over his/her life. We also help people build relationships and create support circles.

People can ask for independent facilitation and planning support for themselves, their family member, or for someone they know by calling us directly.

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