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Waterloo Region Gerontology Interest Group

Phone: (519)893-8494


247 Franklin St. N.

c/o Sunnyside Home

Kitchener,  ON  N2A 1Y5

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The Waterloo Region Gerontology Interest  Group (GIG) was established in 1984. Over the years, many individuals have worked diligently to provide educational forums for those interested in Gerontology.

Our Goals:

  • To broaden knowledge about aging in order to encourage positive societal and professional attitudes towards older adults.
  • To promote communication between people interested in the field of Gerontology.
  • To cooperate, where appropriate, with other organizations that have similar objectives.

Mission Statement:

Gerontology Interest Group (GIG) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that works diligently to promote knowledge exchange and best practice principles amongst an
interdisciplinary community.

Vision: To foster a community where excellence in Gerontology is promoted and expected.

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