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Cora - Breakfast & Lunch - Ottawa St

Phone: (519)576-3304


725 Ottawa St. South


Kitchener,  ON  N2E 3H5

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Restaurant Hours:
Monday: Saturday 6 am - 3 pm
Sunday: 7 am - 3 pm

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Welcome To Cora's

Cora's colourful graphics promise lots ALT=""
of fun under her trademark sun… 
and lots to choose from on her menus.

They say there's nothing new in the foodservice industry, but Cora did manage to find something new under the sun: she created new menu ideas by listening to her customers' suggestions and then giving them a taste of something better. When asked today, Cora says that her menu was inspired by her customers' requests and by her desire to make them happy.

Cora's generous six-page menu offers an incredible choice including: Cocktails and fresh fruit plates, juice, coffee, yogurt, cheese, cereal, French toast topped with all kinds of delights, delicious omelettes, old-fashioned pancakes served plain or with one of over 20 different fillings, plus egg plates with morning meats, baked beans, crétons and other family favourites.

Cora's home-made style breakfasts are prepared with premium products and made with Cora's secret ingredient: lots of care and loving-attention.

In order to fulfil Cora's mission to delight, each plate must exceed her customers' expectations. Over the past few years, Cora's team has perfected every detail of handling, preparing and presenting their signature fresh fruit plates to make each one a work of art. Cora, herself, drew the Snake and Ladders game background on the artistic, appetizing children's menu.

What's more, Cora offers over 20 different lunch choices, which she frequently changes. These tasty selections, inspired by Quebec country cooking and the North American continental brunch, include salads, sandwiches, stuffed crepes, hearty omelettes, and pot pies.

Cora's menu changes regularly to celebrate the bounty of each season: crisp salads and red, ripe strawberries in summer, crunchy Quebec harvest apples in autumn, tasty turkey stuffed with cranberries at Christmas, and the golden glow of Quebec's prized maple syrup in spring.

Whatever the season or whatever plate a customer chooses, they'll get service with a smile at Cora's. Right from the very start, Cora knew that a warm welcome is the first taste of a good meal. That's why, even today, customers pay when they leave, not at the table. This approach gives the restaurant owner, or their assistant, a chance to make sure their customers are satisfied and to thank them for dining at Cora's.

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